If you want us to plug into your PA system we normally need the following:

3 good quality vocal mics + stands  front of stage (absolute minimum 2)

minimum 2 XLR inputs for cajon  or electronic drumkit (or 8 XLR for fully separated percusson channels)

(OR set of mics+stands  for full acoustic drumkit at larger venues)

 1 XLR+ phantom  for fiddle/mando pedal board

1 1/4" jack plug input for acoustic guitar

1 line input from bass amp

2 XLR or 2 x 1/4" jack for stereo electric guitar pedal board


If you require us to provide PA we will arrange one to suit your venue -

For small venues we may be able to provide our own as part of the deal.

If we have to hire a PA this will be charged at cost. 


all set up & ready to go at The Musician, Leicester, November 2019

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