Folk on the Pier, Cromer, May 2022       Photo Chris Gill

"It's like Bellowhead facing off Eddie van Halen. But it works a treat" 

"Another capital performance, full of murder, industrial strife, visceral

naval warfare and the occasional bit of rumpy pumpy"..




We have fiddle, electric and acoustic guitars, bass and myriad percussive and

shakey things which can be piled around a drum kit or a cahon,

depending on stage size)   as well as male and female vocals.

If you need us to play a bit quieter, we can also do an unplugged acoustic set

or use electronic drumkit

We're based in rural Warwickshire near Stratford-on-Avon 

and play pubs, folk (or rock) clubs, parties and festivals.

Redhills "Lite" Trio at  The Keep , Wallingford, Bunkfest fringe 2023

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