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It’s all one word!   

A 5-piece electric band playing (mostly) traditional songs and tunes: collected in a pile, all jumbled up and glued together again to make it interesting.    Fiddle, mandolin, electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, percussion, various whistles and scrapy objects, plus 4 singing voices.    

The ‘Hills also sometimes perform at smaller venues as a “Redhills Lite” trio or quartet.

While using the full range of modern pedal powered electrickery, they do sometimes quieten down and perform their material acoustically as well.


About the Band

The Redhills are based in Warwickshire and have been playing in their current line up since 2015. They evolved out of a Steelport Spanvention covers band, as they started putting together their own original arrangements and experimenting with traditional source material as well as some original song writing.

Playing “loud and proud”, the overall effect is of a lively rock band, but there can be almost anything from the traditional music of the British Isles folded in there – a song of the sea, lively jigs and reels, a broadsheet tale of ‘orrible  infamy and murder, a street cry or a hornpipe. Often several of the above in one track!  For less folky events a few “folk-related-but-well-known” covers can be dropped in with the original arrangements.

The set material can be tailored to appeal to more or less “folk savvy” audiences depending on the event, but a Redhills performance will always be lively, energetic and fun.  Several reviewers have described their music as “infectious” (in a nice way!) and it is not uncommon to see audiences get up and spontaneously start to dance.

The Redhills are: Maria Barham (vocals, acoustic guitar and whistles), Jim Black (guitars and vocals), Nick Ellison (Fiddle, Mandolin and vocals), Nick Mew (bass, guitars, vocals) and Nate Walker (Percussion).

The band have played at all sorts of venues:  folk and non-folk music festivals, theatres, folk clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants and weddings, and have played stages from the size of a small dinner table up to theatres and one the size of a couple of tennis courts!   They’ve also recorded three CDs on their own “Chicken Shed” label.


Social Media Links

Website:      https://www.theredhills.uk

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/RedHillsBand

Soundcloud:   https://soundcloud.com/heedills


Past and Future Performances

The band have played most of the folk clubs and local festivals in the Warwickshire/ Coventry and surrounding county areas, as well as some of the larger ones further afield such as Bunkfest and Cromer Folk-on-the Pier.   The largest stages played have been at Stratford Upon Avon Theatre, Cromer Pier Pavilion Theatre and Coventry’s Ricoh Arena.

The band are not planning to tour during 2023-2024 but are keen to play at a good selection of festivals and other venues next year.


Links to Sounds

·        Byker Hill      https://youtu.be/_DZb4WwQt8w?si=jcOiBStA_xQvfYf1


·         Spring Heeled Jack       https://youtu.be/2dJ-tK9Hz5g?si=R70oue0Iq16Pd3mX


·         “Morris Boys”   Tune Set    https://youtu.be/ubZ_s82J96s?si=9Bk0ZQBxlM_HPPgR


·         “Captain Ward/Loud” (cover- trad arr Spiers & Boden) unreleased live recording     https://soundcloud.com/heedills/captain-loud


·         Broom Besoms      https://youtu.be/l8-eEbYnGYs?si=lv-6BYLT6nTtlCqV


Links to Live Videos of Performances

·         “Greenland Whale Fisheries” Cromer Social Club 2019     https://youtu.be/SzReoevZmA8?si=VhziQvyAZvfWhsRo&t=36


·         Selection from live show at Coventry Building Soc Christmas party, Ricoh Eriksson Arena, Coventry 2017    https://youtu.be/-MebSazd2xE


·         “Spring Heeled Jack” Recorded at Fete in Leamington Spa, 2018    https://youtu.be/uuVn29fr-78


·         “The Blacksmith” Caludon Castle, Coventry, 2021    https://youtu.be/r00tTTmebBM?si=nj_SJvc23J-RfxLA


·      “Let’s Make the Water Turn Black” (Frank Zappa cover), “Lite” trio,   Bunkfest fringe 2023      https://youtu.be/srgCUy-zWm8?si=Pd05a8zUc5IJUd6f


NB These are all handheld footage of live events with minimal editing.   For “studio” made videos, see the Sounds page on our website


Management Contact

Nick Ellison   Mob 07813 968784    email    mailto:NICKELLISONHOLLOWS@GMAIL.COM



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