Data and Privacy Statement - The Redhills

We're a band, five separate musicians who do their own thing most of the time,  but sometimes come together to play under the name "The Redhills" .  We're not a company or a formal partnership.

We hold hardly any personal data as a band,  except that required to communicate and deal with potential or booked performance venues and each other and keep our website and e-mail account running.

In legal terms we think that's for the purposes of "legitimate interest", "fulfilling a contract" & "legal obligation"

Very (very) occasionally we may ask for someone's permission - usually for use of an image ("explicit consent")

Where we do hold any personal data, we keep it secure and only hold what is necessary and keep it as accurate as we can. We don't sell it or share it with anyone without permission.

If you think we hold any data about you and need to see it, contact us via the band e-mail on the  contact  page and let us know.   We'll let you see what we've got , correct it if necessary and /or delete it for you  if you wish, quickly.


If there are any problems with the website please let us know so we can put them right!  Data and privacy – see contacts page